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Timecube: the RPG

The game where you explore 4 rotations of Nature's Harmonic Time Cube

by Jeff Yaus
inspired by the teachings of Gene Ray


YOU are a Cubic Creature. You were educated to live an evil lie - and your heirs will suffer hell for your stupidity.

Word equates instituted evil. A 'word god' can be erased. Get ready for armageddon.

Character Creation

First, choose a gender for your character. Opposite sexes equate a zero value existence. Creation is by opposites, opposite hemispheres and opposite sexes - not queer singularity. (There are no rules for 2 x 4x4 femininity and masculinity 2 sex Cube hemispheres, as life is a 2-Cube crap-game.) All characters exist between 2 opposite sexes.

Next, choose a race for your character.

  • Sunup represents Indian Race
  • Midday represents White Race
  • Sundown represents Asian Race
  • Midnight represents Black Race

Just as the clock face has 4 quarter corners, character creation has 4 quadrant corners. Those 4 different corners equate to 4 different Classes, with each having its own separate day, own separate year and a separate human race.

This diagram depicts opposite rotating hemispheres.
This diagram depicts 2 opposite side hemispheres.
Creation of character occurs between 2 opposites.

Ability Scores

Apply analytical math to your character points and discover 2 opposite hemispheres rotating in opposite directions - equal to a ZERO value existence. Your character is not an entity, for adding the opposite values cancel each other to no existence. All the ability scores exist as opposite values.

Advantages and disadvantages equate mental retardation - as a 2x4x4 Cube creation principle reduced to a 1/4 (corner).


The whole Game and everything within is composed of Opposites - which exists only as Opposites with a zero value existence - and nothing as an entity.

Gameplay consists of 4 rounds in each turn. 4 Earth Quadrants simultaneously rotate inside 4 Quarters to create 4 rounds within one turn rotation. 4 Earth corners rotate 4 Time corners for 4 simultaneous turn, equating the principle of a 4 pole motor. Each round has its own separate corner Turn.

The Game Master rotates 4 simultaneous turns simultaneously as it revolves around to each player, thus creating 4 simultaneous turns as in a separate turn for each round. The 4 quadrant corners of the map rotate as a quad spiraling helix - thus creating 4 simultaneous rounds per each turn rotation and 4 simultaneous turns per 1 phase.

Word has no inherent value, as it was invented as a counterfeit and fictitious value to represent natural values in gameplay.

Injury and Death

The spinning of dice while creating the 4 simultaneous turns causes the game to travel 4 Times the distance of a non-rotating game. Sum-up the axis tilt of those 4 simultaneous turns and divide by 4 to discover a perfectly vertical axis which represents the perfection of death. Though you only see the map tilt, in-game, you should recognize that the map has a perfectly vertical axis over all.

The straight line on the heart monitor equates to the perfection of death. The oscillation or imperfection of that straight line, represents the imperfection of all PCs - depicted in Nature's Harmonic Time Cube. Without Time Cube, your character is voided.


All gameplay is done by rolling a cube, which gives a result of 1 through 4. (6 sides constitutes a sextet -- not a Cube. Rules that say a Cube has "6 sides" with no top & bottom induce an evil curse that pervades all role-playing games.)


The GM reads this introduction to the PCs:

"Time Cube impose 4 corners on Earth sphere. Earth sphere is Cubic with rounded corners. Earth exists as 2 opposite Cube hemispheres. Humans must establish 4 corner Earth Cube."

Place 4 different PCs in the 4 corners of the map and rotate them 4 corners each. Note that they rotate simultaneously within the same Time frame as if only one is rotating - just as the 4 different turns rotate. 3D math applied within this hollow Cube would be erroneous math, as it would not account for the 4th corner perspective dimension. Place 100 NPCs within this Cubic like map and they will not increase the number of corners.

© 2006 Jeffrey Yaus. This is a work of parody, under the fair use doctrine judging parody and satire. The author was educated stupid and cannot compute a timecube; persons interested in actually learning the timecube should see timecube.com.