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Jeff runs the joint. His personal interests include preaching to the choir, staving off the rise of entropy, and mixing Italian sodas.

When not PhotoShopping pictures of fish, Jeff is a software engineer in greater Boston, MA. His build front-end architecture for Web sites; develops user interfaces, site and information architecture, and on-line documentation and presentation; provides project management; does graphic design; blah blah you don't really care, do you? If you do, go see his resume.

From 1997 to 1999 he worked for D. E. Shaw Financial Technology, until it got bought by Merrill Lynch and become ML's Intelligent Technology Group, who foolishly made him a Vice President in 2000. He worked on eight different financial sites throughout this period, and learned phrases like "leveraging our core competency". ML shut down the office in 2002 and he declined an offer to transfer to exciting Hopewell, NJ.

Before that, he worked for three years at the late, lamented Looking Glass, a computer game company: as lead designer and then assistant producer on Thief: the Dark Project, as designer (and amateur actor) on Terra Nova, and briefly as text wrangler and font guy on System Shock.

Jeff holds a degree from Wesleyan University with Honors in History (concentrating in Medieval and Renaissance) and in Government (concentrating in Comparative Politics). There he joined the Alpha Delta Phi Society, a group with which he remains active, even heading up its alumni organization's Board of Directors for three years after a much-regretted lapse in forethought.

He currently lives in Winchester, MA, still less than fifteen minutes' drive from his old stomping grounds, the fabulously hip Davis Square.

For those truly interested in more information, you can find him at various social networking sites.